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What our customers say

It works on my dog's skin problem. (I have a German Shepherd). JJJee saved me a lot of money on vet visit and medicine.

Fifi Thomson

Top of the headache is diaper rash, this makes my baby irritable, so I need to have it resolved ASAP.  I apply about 5:1 diluted JJJee to a cotton ball, wipe up the area and allow it to dry prior to putting a new diaper. I wipe during every diaper change with diluted JJJee, and by the second day, the rash fades away.


I use it to clean my poodle, including his mouth, no more bad breath. Then I tried the urine left on the carpet, with an amazing result! The smell is gone too.

E. Sharma

I had a big canker sore on my mouth the other day, it was painful and I could hardly eat. I sprayed JJJee onto a cotton swab and gently dabbed on the “white” area. After a while, the pain was gone and the sore disappeared on the next day!

May Lao

I have an old ski jacket that I love so much, there is a fur on the hat and I couldn’t put it to the washing machine. There was a funny smell and I couldn’t do anything about it. I tried to spray JJJee on my ski jacket and the fur, then let it dry. Surprisingly, the smell is gone!! I will try to use it on something else.


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~Photos provided by customers

Rashes from hospital bugs

JJJee cleared up the rashes in few days

Persistent unknown black patches on arm

JJJee cleared up the black patches caused by the bacteria

Staph Aureus infection on human

JJJee kills Staph Aureus bacteria

Common skin infection on human usually treated with antibiotic can now recover in only few days with JJJee.

Skin infection on dog's neck

JJJee kills the bacteria that causes the infection

Hotspot on dog's thigh

JJJee cleared up the hotspot in 4 days

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